SVCA Board

Executive Board Members

Mori Mandis

Mori began her hospitality career with the Walt Disney Company, working for Walt Disney Records in Burbank, CA.  She was hired as a Public Relations Assistant.  The job entailed… read more

Christopher Citti
Vice President

A lifetime resident of Silicon Valley, Christopher Citti has been active in the hospitality industry for over 40 years. Currently Vice President of Production of Citti’s Florist Co. LLC., he… read more

Robbie Schlosser
Director of Administration

Robbie Schlosser makes a living going to parties.  Playing his string bass and leading the Magnolia Jazz Band, he helps people enjoy their landmark celebrations… read more

Marianna Khienkina
Director of Finance

Marianna, who was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, has been working for local governments for nearly two decades. Her 12-year career with the San Jose… read more

Michael Mulhern
Director of Membership & Marketing

Michael Mulhern has actively promoted hospitality within San Jose and forged connections between individuals and organizations there for more than 15 years. As… read more


  Members of the Board

Nathan Emmett
Attractions Chair

Nathan Emmett began his career in tourism at the Winchester Mystery House in July 1987 after touring the attraction with his sister.  He was so fascinated with the… read more

Karen Hennessy

Welcome Chair

Karen Hennessy is a nonprofit advocate, committed to inspiring the innovator in everyone. On a daily basis, she strengthens The Tech Museum’s Volunteer… read more

Lillian Scoyen
Educational/Seminar Chair

Lillian is originally from Kentucky and relocated to the Bay Area to attend Stanford University. After graduation, she spent a few years parenting and doing… read more

Robert Robledo
Media Chair

Robert Robledo is a lifetime resident of Silicon Valley and has always had some sort of professional connection with the hospitality industry…  read more

Philip Jaw
Hotel Chair


Philip’s bio is coming soon…read more

Carla Bohnett
Photography Chair

Carla Bohnett, owner of CB Photo Design Studio, is passionate about capturing her subject’s true personality in her portraiture work. Her favorite subjects are those who… read more

Susannah Greenwood
Web Master

By day Susannah disguises herself as an adult by working at the Mtn. View Center for the Performing Arts as Marketing Outreach Coordinator/Community Partnership Princess… read more

Jana Levic
Signature Event Committee

Jana Levic was raised in Sarajevo and immigrated to the US with her family in 1998. Currently, Co-Owner & Creative Director at Balloonatics… read more

Victor Solanoy
Technology Chair


Victor’s Bio is Coming soon


Advisors to the Board

John Blem, Armando Garza, Shozo Kagoshima, Anna Morris, June Suzuki, Randy Zechman, Shawna Dedrick, Victor Escoto