Karen Hennessy, Board Member

Karen Hennessy is a nonprofit advocate, committed to inspiring the innovator in everyone. On a daily basis, she strengthens The Tech Museum’s volunteer program by developing strategic outreach and partnerships within the community. Karen considers herself a motivator and leader within the field of volunteer administration. Her passion for providing encouragement and guidance to her teams is clearly evident.

While her work happens behind the scenes, it is directly experienced by the thousands of museum visitors, supported by volunteers operating museum services and facilitating special events. Karen directs every aspect of these programs from applicant screening and interviewing to training, evaluation and engagement of core volunteers. She collaborates with interdepartmental partners and ensures museum and event objectives are met through appropriate allocation of volunteer resources.

Karen also shares her expertise with local nonprofit agencies as a volunteer herself; helping develop volunteer handbooks and administrative resources, establishing benchmarks for volunteer recruitment and supporting fundraising effort.  In 2015, Karen was invited to join the Silicon Valley Concierge Association Board of Directors where she serves as the Welcome Chair. In this capacity, she embodies the spirit of hospitality for a renowned hospitality organization. Karen also sits on the Home Owners’ Association Board in San Jose.

In her spare time, Karen enjoys spending time at the beach, kayaking, pouring wine in the tasting room at Guglielmo Winery. She also dabbles in catering for events.  Karen loves opportunities to expand networks and make relevant professional connections.