Nathan Emmett, Board Member

Nathan Emmett began his career in tourism at the Winchester Mystery House in July 1987 after touring the attraction with his sister.  He was so fascinated with the story, the mansion, and the spectacle that he applied for a summer job the week after his visit.

He gained many valuable skills working as a tour guide including: public speaking, catering to and improving on guest experiences, and teamwork.

Advancing through the ranks of the Winchester Mystery House. Nathan served as Tour Supervisor, Group Sales Clerk, and eventually Group Sales Manager.

Nathan took some time to further hone his skills at other landmark attractions. He spent about five years working at both Bonfante Gardens Theme Park in Gilroy and the historic Roaring Camp and Big Trees Narrow Gauge Railroad in Felton.  Both were great experiences working for incredible leaders in the tourism field (Michael Bonfante, and Georgiana Clark respectively). Nathan is grateful for the great education he received and the experience he gained of different organizational cultures during this time. Nathan was convinced that there is nothing better than selling hospitality.

Nathan returned to the Winchester Mystery House in 2005 as the Group Sales Manager to head up all sales and marketing efforts related to booking groups and selling the venue for special organizational night events.

To give back to the hospitality community Nathan has participated, and headed, various local nonprofit boards including West Valley Business Builders, Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce, Silicon Valley Concierge Association, and others.  He currently serves as the Attractions Chair for the SVCA.

When not at work, Nathan enjoys traveling to Montana, Idaho and Wyoming to visit friends and go fishing.  Spending time in on his father’s farm where he grew up in Wyoming is completely relaxing to Nathan.

Nathan has spent 20 years working on vintage arcade games which he displays in local business.  He enjoys interacting with the public over these classic coin operated machines.

Nathan’s passions are to work hard, plan for tomorrow, and make every effort to persevere when the going is tough by taking time and employing patience.